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Make Your Bedroom More Romantic. #4 Is A Must!

Make Your Bedroom More Romantic. #4 Is A Must!

So you are looking to make your bedroom a little more romantic.  Maybe your wanting your room to feel more like a love nest and less like a storage unit.  I get it.  I have been there and let me tell you, making a few changes to my bedroom made a huge improvement to what happened behind closed doors.  

So what are some things that you can do to give your bedroom a more romantic ambiance? 


    Warm colors like red or orange hue can help encourage feelings of romance.  f you are going for a more romantic mood then consider changing your lighting.  Choosing warm colors like red or orange hue can help encourage the feelings of romance and can even help those clothes come off. Dimmers are also a great idea for the bedroom you share with your spouse.  Keeping the lights low can give your room a nice touch of romance and even a more nice touch of each other.   

    Common colors for sensual mood creators are Red, Orange, Green and Blue.  Other romantic lighting ideas include:

    1. Accent Lamps
    2. Color Shower Heads
    3. Moroccan Candle Lanterns
    4. Wall Scones
    5. Lighted Flowers
    6. Scented Candles


     A study found that women were more likely to have sex after cleaning was done.  Does your bedroom remind you of a storage unit?  Do you have a lot of items underneath your bed?  Is your closet so disorganized, you are unsure of what's even in there? Does your room have more of your kids stuff then your own? Do you have clutter that never seems to go away? 

    Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions, then maybe, just maybe it's time to organize that bedroom.   Science also agrees.  A survey of a 1,000 women ages 18 and over done in 2013 by the cleaning brand Liquid-Plumr, shows that a clean house has positive romantic results and has a great impact on your desire to be intimate with your significant other.  In fact, it stated that 49% of women who took the survey said that they were more likely to be more intimate after cleaning was done and 38% ranked that having their house in order is just as important as buying a new outfit or being somewhere familiar when it comes to relaxing on a date. 


    Choose fabric that feels good against your skin.  The coverings for your bed are one of the first things you see when you walk into your bedroom.    When was the last time you purchase some bed linens with romance in mind?  Well if it's been a long time or never, consider purchasing some bed linens that feel oh so soft to the touch.  Don't stop there.  Consider silky feeling rugs and soft plush towels also when you think about softening the touch.  



    Minimize shop talk when you enter into your bedroom.  This may be a tough rule to follow, but it will be oh so worth it.  The bedroom that you share with your spouse cannot be a true love nest with work going on in the background.  So that means, if you have a desk in your bedroom that you work at, then you just might be preventing romance to truly flourish in your bedroom.   Keep your bedroom free of the every day work day.  


    Make your room smell inviting every day. Did you know that our moods can be affected by scent?  This means that choosing scents and fragrances that promote feelings of relaxation and peace are important for the bedroom.  Very important.  Jasmine, chamomile, vanilla, lavender and sandalwood are great scents known for the their calming and relaxing effects.   


    Common colors for sensual mood creators are Red, Orange, Green and Blue.  The colors that are decided for the bedroom have a huge impact on how your and your spouse feel when you are both in it.  With this in mind, it's important that the right colors are chosen that will promote feelings of comfort and ease for your bedroom.  You can add color by:

    • Accentuating your windows with warm colored curtains   
    • Painting your room (one wall or all)
    • Make changes to bed sheets/comforters 
    • Adding romantic artwork on walls